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On Arriving

On Arriving

"He can see the horizon, beyond today."

Written by IVAN FAUTE
Directed by CAT ROBEY

Performed by SOPHIA ELENI

Summer sun, clear sky. Mother sends you to the market in your plastic slippers on a mission for cucumbers, and you return with a fiancé. Before you blink: a new home, a new baby, a new life planned. Neighbours mention troubling protests, but those are a far-off news story - until the moment it explodes onto your doorstep. When your world falls apart, it’s left to you to make a decision. It’s time to leave.

Ivan Faute’s plays have been produced in London, Houston and Chicago. Sophia Eleni, who starred in 15 Heroines, draws on her family’s refugee experience in this award-winning performance. Cat Robey is outgoing Carne Deputy Director of Jermyn Street Theatre. In partnership with charity Refugee Action.

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Sophia Eleni


Ivan Faute


Cat Robey


Annie Tayler


Richard Owen

Lighting and Video Designer

Sophia Eleni

Composer and Sound Designer

Quotes & reviews

Eleni's performance reaches even the furthest corners of the room.”

A Younger Theatre (2021 OffComm Award Winner)